Quinnipiac College President Shows Up To Party And Tells Everyone To Party On, Because He's Not A Regular President, He's A Cool President — VIDEO

Typically, our notion is that college presidents get paid a lot and are generally out of touch with their student population. One of the major criticisms is that college presidents don't know the problems affecting their campus. It's not ideal, but it doesn't impede college students' ability to get rowdy toward the end of term. The students at Quinnipiac had a huge party the other day that was your typical outdoor, keg party that pinny-clad masses flock to, but they had an unexpected surprise when their college president showed up to the party and told them all to party on.

That's right: Not only did President President John Lahey show up at the party with over 400 college students, but he then made a speech, took pictures with his students, and told everyone to have a great time and stay safe. Pretty much a shoe-in for Coolest President of the Year.

The party was held on Delsole Street in Hamden, and the President said, "I didn't even know this street existed, I'm gonna have to buy all these houses," which was bizarre, but also nothing short of amazing. The party was specifically held near the start of May, because Quinnipiac used to hold huge outdoor parties for "May Weekend," a tradition that President Lahey banned years ago. Needless to say, it was a great move on Lahey's part to come back and celebrate the fun. He even said, "You guys are living proof that May Weekend still exists."

The app sponsoring the party, WiGo, short for "who is going out?", is an app to help students schedule social events, meet ups and parties on college campuses. Hence, the rager they threw:

It's fair to say the President's speech was well-received, seeing as it encouraged a "Lahey! Lahey!" chant.

This scheme to throw huge parties in a wide open space for college kids in order to sell ideas, promote products, and all that jazz isn't anything new: Yik Yak, for example, showed up on the college scene a lot this year. I'mSchmacked is still making videos right and left. And then, of course, there are frats across the country who host things like May Weekend just because it's the end of the semester and they deserve a party. If you're approaching the end of your semester, and need a few throw down ideas, take a look at these videos:

1. University of Arizona

If you've ever been on College Board, you know that University of Arizona is famed for their more than epic parties. I'm Schmaked, an entertainment platform for teens and young adults, came to film the shenanigans.

2. Kendall Day

Red Light on YouTube

It's a tradition of my alma mater, Ithaca College, that one Saturday a year the tiny college in upstate New York takes over an entire block to celebrate the end of classes. Yes, I'm sure Schmaked came to make a video, and it was a big deal because no one had ever heard of our school. We're all about new media.

3. Foam Parties at UCLA FTW

Extreme Greeks on YouTube

All this video is really teaching us is that college is one of the only times it's socially acceptable to play and dance in foam. Maybe it's how you'll celebrate the end of your year this coming weekend. Go you.

Image: YouTube