Old Pics Of Kanye Show A Thoughtful Young Yeezy

by Maitri Suhas

If you think your throwback Thursday pics are good, sorry suckers, because Kanye West just outdid y'all. Some new photos of young Kanye West have surfaced that show the rapper at age nine riding the Washington metro and looking as wistful as ever. Tender! So much more tender than we are used to seeing the 37-year-old rapper.

His stepmother, Brenda Bentley, shared the family photos, and thank Yeezus that she did. Kanye's mother and goddess, Donda West, divorced his father, Ray West, when he was three, but 'Ye stayed close to dad, too (even though obviously he was born a mama's boy). Bentley told The Daily Mail that little Kanye was "mild-mannered" and very respectful. She explained, "We were on the Metro because we were going to a parade downtown. He was with his father, so he knew he had to behave." The photos confirm that Kanye is a complicated soul who has changed a lot in his life, but who also seems to not have aged a day.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and luckily, we have two. So what the heck is Kanye thinking about on that train ride? Let's imagine some of his musings...

How am I gonna be the greatest of all time...

...if I can't even ride the train alone?

I should have worn my aviators...

...they'd look fresher with my outfit.

These jeans are fire

No one can deny they're the perfect fade.

Would you believe in what you believe in...

...if you were the only one who believed it?

Some day I'm gonna make a $125 white t-shirt

And people are gonna buy it for sure.

Why isn't this train air conditioned?

I'm already hot enough on my own!

Not smiling makes me smile

('Cause you know he started thinking about that early.)

Images: Giphy