Aerial Footage Of Antarctica Is Insanely Gorgeous

A childhood in Florida combined with an early age viewing of Titanic fixed a healthy fear of ice and glaciers and cold stuff firmly in place in my brain. That shit is scary! For example, there is a renegade iceberg six times the size of Manhattan just floating around, slowly threatening total destruction. And what's the most icy place on the planet? Antarctica. Truly, I used to consider this continent as a brumal nightmare. However, this footage of Antarctica from above shot by filmmaker Kalle Ljung is a bit of a game-changer. It. Is. SPECTACULAR.

About a week ago, a friend confided in me a secret, elaborate plan to celebrate her upcoming 30th birthday: a pilgrimage to Antarctica. Too much wine and not enough tact sparked my reaction in which I slur-shouted, "WHY?" Seriously, I'd only ever heard of people visiting Antarctica in part of some very scientific, white lab coat science trip. Isn't it always, like, 30 degrees below zero there? And isn't it pretty dangerous to even exist down there? Survival! Ahh! It just didn't sound good to me. However, this video is so pretty it blows my mind. Who knew? (Maybe everyone but me. That's fine.) Ljung says she captured the footage over a 20-day trip to the glamorous glacial landscape.

Remember to breathe, y'all. In. And out. And another big one in for this footage in full:

Clearly my hesitation to Antarctica stemmed from pure ignorance. There's plenty more activities available than just freezing and/or dying on this frosty land. For example:


Woosh! Bundle up or you might die! No, seriously.


GLACIER GAZING! Challenge: Figure out how to also form a tight-knit jazz fusion band among those on board this experience, because that name is gold.

Whale watching!

How do these big guys keep warm and alive in such freezing waters? Don't tell me now. Write a haiku about your theories in your dream journal and I'll hear all about it at the next Glacier Gazing practice.

Images: Vimeo(5)