Beyonce Speaks Out About Baltimore Riots & Uses Her Popularity To Support A Good Cause — PHOTOS

Ever since the riots began in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray, many have responded to the events, including celebrities and other famous faces. From Donald Trump's controversial words to Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg speaking hermind, a variety of public figures have commented on the somewhat peaceful riots turning violent. Now, Beyoncé is responding to the Baltimore riots through Instagram by encouraging others to unite for relief efforts.

On Thursday, Beyoncé shared two Instagram posts. The first is a video showcasing Devin Allen's Time magazine cover, which shows the comparison of two images: one from the Civil Rights Era in 1968 and another of the 2015 Baltimore riots. The cover is Allen's first major feature, and one the 26-year-old is proud of, especially since he's an amateur photographer. Apparently, Beyoncé is a fan as well of the eye-opening images.

In addition to the moving magazine cover, the singer also shared a photo of a man wrapped in a black and white flag with Freddie Gray's name written on it. She captioned the photo: "People are hurting. Join us in supporting the NAACP to help in the cleanup efforts and to provide housing, food and supplies to those affected by the unrest in Baltimore."

Beyoncé definitely appears to be in support of Baltimore's residents. And in addition to that, she's making it easy for her many fans to donate if they wish to — which is an undeniably significant move seeing as she has 31.1 million Instagram followers! For more information about helping out, click here.