Comptoir des Cotonniers Launches a New Sneaker

Thanks to the minimalism trend, "basics" has a new meaning, and no other brand understands this understated sexy/cool look than Comptoir des Cotonniers, who has debuted their first sneaker.

This new frontier was helmed by their creative director, Anne-Valérie Hash, who also designed their debut sneaker. Hash just snagged this title last summer, after creating and working on her own French brand. And, according to WWD, her first collection for the brand will be available in stores this coming fall.

Comptoir des Cotonniers revealed the sneaker recently at a Paris event, and we instantly fell in love with the minimal design, with the lacing offset to the side which added an asymmetrical subtle detail.

The sneakers looked to-die-for in their lookbook, paired with a pair of tailored black trousers, matching blazer, and white turtleneck. Worn with a jogger-esque pant and gray and white sweatshirt, it's practically minimalism perfected. For those of you rocking the athleisure trend to work, this sneaker is the perfect staple to pull together a professional look that's appropriate for both the office and the commute.

While a limited edition will be available in the brand's stores in France staring April 30, they will not be available in other countries. But—they will become a member of their seasonal collections in the fall season.

Images: @WWD/Twitter