Zendaya Shows Her Real Style In 'Harpers Bazaar'

When you start out as a Disney star, sometimes it's really hard to break free. But Zendaya Coleman's Harper's Bazaar interview makes it clear that there's more to her story than was ever shown on TV. If you haven't been paying attention, then you probably haven't been noticing how much Coleman has grown, and how much people have noticed. Instead of being the little girl on Shake It Up, she's got a penchant for pushing the trends — and speaking up about her decisions.

Coleman's, "My Life in 3 Looks" story with Harper's featured the 18-year-old in everything from a long shirt dress and Pumas, to a flirty matching separates outfit, and even an edgy red carpet gown. And just like her hair, Coleman's style changes on the regular. From feminine and fresh, to more laid back and tomboy-ish, she dabbles in a little bit of everything. And her versatility is the part that I think comes from her Disney background.

The fact that her sense of style is so fluid is what has gotten her noticed for so many of her different looks. But her ability to combat the daily dramas included in being a young, Black celebrity is what astounds me the most. I mean, let's be real about how the way most 18-year-olds react to negativity and hurtful comments. They usually throw a fit or do something stupid, that will follow them forever. Instead, Coleman seems to handle almost everything with a cool head and the appropriate amount of shade (which almost equals none because she's so upfront about what she has to say). All of that translates into her style because she's just as fearless in what she wears.