Why 'Orphan Black' Couldn't Function Without Fe

Orphan Black powerhouse Tatiana Maslany is an absolute force of nature; there aren't many actors who can hold their own against her (and her, and her again over there) on screen. But as Sarah Manning's brother Felix Dawkins, played by Jordan Garavis, is the show's secret weapon and a favorite among many members of the Clone Club. (Me, included.) Plot-wise, Fe is the confidante and accomplice that Sarah and her sisters need. Show-wise, he's an important source of both comic relief and style. When I finally got around to marathon-viewing Orphan Black, I was pleasantly surprised by its dark humor. The best of sci-fi blends genres; this show has the emotional punch of the sisters and their connection; the thrills and scares of their predicament and the various groups of scientists, zealots, and mystery organizations who are coming after them; and a jolt of comedy, which anchors the bananas storyline and endears these characters to their audience. Felix and his many bon mots are integral to that balance.

But by no means is Felix only there for the laughs. He's an emotional center for Sarah, and he's fantastically brave. But what I love most about this character is his ability to stand outside the action and comment on it, even while he's getting his hands dirty. He's a stand-in for the audience in a way, which is probably why he's struck such a chord.

To celebrate everything Felix Dawkins, I've put together my list of my favorite "Fe-isms" — those moments when he and his considerable sass straight up owned the screen.

1. When He Was The Best Babysitter Ever

Left in charge of Alison's kids, Felix introduced his little "dragsters" to the wonderful world of cross-dressing. You're welcome, kids.

2. When He Put His Life In Stark Perspective

Being an honorary Clone Club member is not easy, you guys.

3. When He Canonized A New Saint

May the blessed Tilda Swinton grace us with her alien glow and impeccably tailored pantsuits, from now until the end of our days.

4. When He Knew Exactly What To Wear

That's your whole closet, Fe. Maybe be more specific.

5. When The Relationship Drama Was Just Too Much For Him

He was right, too. Felix is always right.

6. When He Totally Had Helena's Number, And It Was Kind Of Adorable

I find this to be one of the genuinely sweetest moments of the entire series, and that juxtaposition is Orphan Black in a nutshell.

7. When He Always Had The Most Articulate, Cutting Insult At The Ready

Do not mess with Felix's clone sisters. Do. Not. Mess.

8. When He Got A Little Confused About How Recovery Works

All the Felix/Alison scenes, if you please.

9. When He Had Issues With Rachel's Interior Decorator

Much easier to perform advanced espionage in, say, a cluttered artist's loft.

Thanks for the sass and the sarcasm, Fe. I hope you never change.

Images: Steve Wilkie/BBC America; amyelliotdunne, sassysaviour, orphanblackzone, williamhannibal, sarahmanning447 (3), cozniehaus, sassyhendrix/Tumblr