Tia & Tamera Babysat This Famous Pair Of Twins

If you think that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have it all, what with their fortune, fashion line, style icon status, and prolific acting careers, just wait till you hear how perfect their childhood was in addition to all of that. In an unprecedented '90s dream come true, it has come to light that Tia and Tamera Mowry used to babysit the Olsens. You may have had your older neighbor or your cousins watching you while your parents escaped your grasp on Friday or Saturday nights, but the Olsen twins babysitters beat those peeps by a mile.

Tia Mowry was recently a guest on The Meredith Vieira Show and, apparently, Vieira asked the actress about doing a Fuller House-style Sister, Sister reboot due to the hype. But, more important than that, during the interview Mowry explained that while she and Tamera spent time on the Full House set, because of their brother Tahj's role in the show, they got an interesting and unexpected job. As she explained,

My brother [Tahj Mowry, now 28], he played Teddy... So, we would always go and visit the set, and my sister and I — a lot of people don’t know this — we would actually babysit the Olsen twins.

Um, Tia, why has no one mentioned this before? That could have been a sitcom in and of itself! Regardless of that obvious missed opportunity, it’s still a fact that the Olsen’s had way cooler babysitters than you did, and here’s why:

They were fashionable

Denim flower hats? Yes, please.

They knew how to have fun

Stay up all night and watch scary movies? A dream babysitting Friday night.

They were "in" with their friends

Well, if he thinks they're cool, they must be.

Hello, the ultimate babysitting activity: makeovers?!

More lip gloss! Never enough lip gloss!

They would bring another essential babysitting element: snacking

No parents, no calorie counts. Am I right?

But, they knew also knew how to lay down the law

They were responsible enough that parents trusted them.

Most importantly, they were LITERALLY magical

But fun enough that any kid would wanna hang with them for a few hours on a weekend night. Are you jealous yet?

Images: ABC; Giphy (5); Sister Sister Season One/Youtube (2)