Give The Song From The Surface Pro Ad A Listen

At the beginning of a commercial for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet, the audience is presented with a question: “How do you reinvent the laptop?” My vote: make it so the laptop never has to be charged. Or make it so the laptop spews cash out when you press shift 4. Well, that is not the answer the aforementioned TV spot gives. Instead, it rightfully praises the Surface’s storage, adjustable kickstand, Microsoft Office compatibility, its pen, and slim size. As the “tablet that can replace your laptop” dances across the screen, a foot-tapper of a tune plays. The song in the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ad is “Something’s Happening To Me” by singer-songwriter Arum Rae.

In 2014, the Berklee College of Music alumnus released two EPs: Waving Wild and Warranted Queen. “Something’s Happening To Me” is track number three on Warranted Queen. In an interview with Vice’s NOISEY blog, Arum Rae explains the inspiration behind “Something’s Happening To Me”:

I had wanted out of a relationship for a long time and finally got the courage to listen to myself. There's that slight chaos from the freedom of not giving a sh** at the final arrival of a long and hard decision.

Welp, looks like I have my new "gotta make a tough choice" anthem:

Image: Surface/YouTube