Did Austin Mahone Diss Camila Cabello?

Drama never takes a day off, does it? Especially not when it comes to the lives of teen pop stars. According to RyanSeacrest.com, Fifth Harmony fans are pissed after learning some interesting tidbits from an interview Camila Cabello's ex Austin Mahone did with MTV. MTV asked Mahone if he was dating Becky G and he said,

Yeah, you could say we’re dating. We’re dating. It’s crazy, I never had, like, a real relationship before, so it’s pretty crazy. It’s great being in a relationship with someone that does the same thing you do. We understand each other, we understand what we do.

The problem is, there might be something more sinister going on here in the form of a dig to his ex-girlfriend, Cabello. As RyanSeacrest.com points out, "It was the second part of that revelation that really riled up Harmonizers, who immediately created the hashtag #CamilaDefenseSquad and tweeted messages of support to the singer, who split from Austin in November." You see, it kind of looks like he's dismissing his relationship with Cabello as not being "real." Now, it could just be fans reading into things, but it also looks like Cabello may have responded to the interview with a cryptic tweet that reads, “Damn…good to know.”

Listen, if I was the singer, it’d be hard for me to stay mum on the issue, as well. But, Harmonizers, rest assured that she’s totally got it handled. If her tweets are any indication, Cabello is full of confidence, gusto, and wisdom and this will just be a tiny blip on the radar of her life.

She's so wise, she can just take her own advice

Who knew you could be this well adjusted at 18?

She lives by a mantra we should probably all follow

Um, yes please.

She's doing BIG things, people

Who needs a guy when you've got a president, ya know?

She knows what's up

This is all that matters.

She's got an awesome feminist attitude

Girl power!

She's got good music to get her through

My Chemical Romance is essential to any emotional situation.

She has a top-notch support system

This is what dream friend groups are made of.

She's so young and she's still has a lot to accomplish


Most importantly, she knows this

It most certainly is.