The Slacker's Guide to Gardening In 6 Steps

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It may seem like a dream as idealistic and unattainable as Gatsby's green light: the tending of a garden. You, too, reach out longingly at the greenery — but not from a dock like Gatsby does; instead, you're outside the florist, gazing at the ferns. "I, too, can grow a plant," you think. And you tell yourself, "This time will be different."

You select a potted shrub. You nod your head at the florist's advice about sunlight and twice-weekly waterings. But internally, you're thinking, "I will name him Henry. I will Instagram him like crazy." You take him home and place him on the window ledge, promising him a good life. But no matter how disciplined a waterer you are, two weeks later, his leaves are crisp and droopy. Henry is a goner, fodder for the dumpster. You sob. You stay home from work. You wonder what went wrong.

If your life is marked by recurring periods of horticulture-hope and horticulture-grief, don't give up yet. You needn't experience the shame and heartache of another failed attempt at gardening. Plants needn't be a huge investment in time, money, or emotion. They can actually be easy! Here is a Slacker's Guide to Gardening, for any aspiring gardener who hasn't yet given up.

Image: The Sill

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