Rita Ora Poses Naked On Instagram Unless You Count The Red Heels, But It's Not The Only Time She's Dared To Bare

Now that's what I call striking a Fifty Shades of Grey-approved pose. Rita Ora got totally naked on Instagram, unless you count those red heels and matching lips. The singer and actress posted the pic of herself perched on a folding chair on IG, and it's hotter than a four-alarm fire.

But this is not the first time Ora, who had a bit part as Mia in Fifty Shades, has shown a lot of social media skin. Rita Ora's Instagram is full of flesh flashing and toplessness that's never vulgar. There is usually a purpose to her nudity, like last year, when she celebrated a No. 1 single overseas by panting a "1" on her spine as a "thank you."

Like Rihanna, to whom "Rhita" Ora is often compared, she is not afraid to bare it all and let her IG followers enjoy the fruits of her photographic labors. Ora's photo is semi-NSFW and it's also cleverly shot, since she doesn't have any clothes on, but you don't see anything, thanks to the miracle of strategically placed arms and tightly crossed legs.

Her thinking woman's pose, with her chin on her fist, adds a smart touch to Ora in her birthday suit. She is known for her impeccable sense of style, but she even turns our heads when not wearing any threads.

Oh, hi, nude Rita Ora.

Here are 9 other times she showed a lot of skin β€” and confidence.

1. The Red Dress That Could've Malfunctioned

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This slit was way, way dangerous. It showed a lot of thigh. One false move, though...

2. Heels, Black Gloves, And That's It

Ora shared this shot of herself wearing only black heels and gloves, and we didn't see her face. She looked like she was in a '70s era motel, too.

3. Ab Selfie

She did an ab selfie in a mirror. Flat tummy!

4. Calvin Kleins, Not Calvin Harris

Ora had a messy split with DJ Calvin Harris, but that didn't stop her from wearing another Calvin, as in "Kleins," while celebrating the No. 1 chart position of "I Will Never Let You Down," the song Harris co-wrote.

5. Sheer, Not Sheer

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sidebum! Her dress was sheer, not sheer.

Huzzah! That dress was a work of art.

6. Sideboob And Side Tattoo

Ora has a bunch of tattoos, and she showed off her sideboob and side ink on her ELLE UK cover. This shot is so casual, like we caught her hanging out, sans shirt, lost in thought.

7. Bikini Time

How about that Chanel necklace? That's some lock.

8. What's Behind The Curtain?

Oh, just some birthday nakedness.

9. Arms Bra

Bombshell lips and hair, and an arm that often doubles for a bra!

Obviously, Rita Ora is not only comfy in her own skin but she has no issues with sharing snaps of that same skin on social media, at events, and on mag covers. More power to her!

Images: Rita Ora/Instagram (7); Getty (2); ELLE (1); GQ (1)