Sunglass Hut Celebrates Moms In New Campaign

Flowers, brunch, breakfast in bed — those are typical Mother's Day gifts. But Sunglass Hut's Mother's Day campaign is reminding us that #itstartedwithmom, and they are not just talking about the fact that moms are responsible for giving us life. Instead, the Georgia May Jagger-fronted campaign, featuring her siblings Lizzie and James, as opposed to her model mama Jerry Hall, points to the fact that you pick up everything you know about style from your mom, consciously or not.

Before you follow bloggers or pay attention to street style, your main inspo is mom. She has to be your first style icon by proximity, even if she isn't Victoria Beckham.

I know my grandmother used to tell me that, "Beauty must suffer," when I would moan about hot curling irons when she would put curls in my hair as a kid. I'm not kidding. Then, my mom would tell me that pink lipstick was more appropriate than red for girls under 18 and that I should always wear a bra around the house or it'd look sloppy. These are the kinds of things we pick up from our maternal figures, beginning at a young age.

This campaign takes that concept to a new level. Jagger generously shared tips that Jerry Hall doled out to her, and they are universal suggestions that most of us can apply to our looks and styles.

In fact, all of the selfies from the shoot and the campaign images themselves might stir some memories of mom and her look, too.

1. The Devil Is In The Details

Jagger said that her mother "taught me that details make a difference," and that's so true. Like with this look, notice that her lips are a blue-ish red, they spotlight her gap tooth, and the tones in the frames slightly match her simple necklace.

How about those stacked bangles for detail? Or the tomato lip? And the unique colors in the frames? Love, love, and love.

2. Throwin' Shade

Jagger also revealed that her mama taught her that red lipstick and sunnies are a perfect pairing because duh, they are!

3. Redder Than A Taylor Swift Album

GMJ also offered her own tips about how she plans to accessorize this spring, saying, "Big round shades and a bold red lip are my must haves for spring." Like this:

I have said before that red lipstick and I are not really on speaking terms, since the shade does nada for me, but this matchy-matchy sunnies x lip look isn't too much. In fact, all that red calls attention to Jagger's perfect skin and honey hair. Funny how that works sometimes.

Their lips were made for red!

4. Say "Cheese"

One thing that all our moms have had to tell us is this — smile, since it's contagious. You can wear sunnies and red lips, but they ain't nothing without a supportive smile.

5. Sibling Love

Spending time with your sibs is important, and I know your mom has told you that. You can tell that these two enjoy each other's company and it radiates from the image.

Another thing your mom, whoever she is, gives you besides style inspo and advice? Good genes!

They're like modern pinup girls!

Sunglass Hut's campaign really gets the message across: It's easy to forget how critical and influential mom is... so don't.

Images: Sunglass Hut (12)