'Breaking Bad' Fans' Dreams Might Be Reality Soon

It's been about a year and a half since Breaking Bad took a violent, epic, ecstatic bow from television, but fans are still obsessed, and desperate for new things to freak out over. Thursday, series creator Vince Gilligan sat down for a Reddit AMA, and took the time to answer fans' questions about all things Walter White (and Better Call Saul, of course, which is currently airing on AMC). One of the most exciting revelations to come out of the thread, however, was that the famed fried chicken restaurant from Breaking Bad , Los Pollos Hermanos, might actually come to life. As in: Los Pollos Hermanos might become a real restaurant that fans can really eat at one day. If you hear someone hyperventilating with excitement... yep, that's me.

As Gilligan wrote in the Reddit AMA:

Believe it or not... there is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant. This is not an idea that I generated personally. But it's one that's been presented to me, through the good folks at Sony, and the idea came to them from a businessman who has an interest in doing just that.

There were few things that made Walter White seem remotely sympathetic, but his undying devotion to Albuquerque's best chicken really hits home. When you want good chicken, you get good chicken...even if showing up at Gus' drug front could mean the end of your life in some circumstances. It's sort of like Cheers, except way, way more threatening.

All drug business aside, the Los Pollos Hermanos food looked delicious. If this venture were to actually take off, here's everything the restaurants needs aside from delicious chicken that lives up to Gus Fring's impeccable standards:

A Loop of the Commercial Playing While You Wait for Drive-Thru

Maybe leave the meth part out... but you know, same thing.

Absolutely No Hipster Farmers' Tables

Just straight-up fast food seating, like in the restaurant we saw on TV. None of that fancy "cafeteria-style" dining, thank-you-very-much.

Fast Food Prices

Just because it's from television does not mean I should pay $25 for a few pieces of chicken and some curly fries. Keep it affordable, and fans will flock.

Friendly Management

Service with a smile!

Bright Blue Frozen Drinks (Because Blue Meth? Get It?!)

I can already taste the brain freeze!

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