How Would Drake, Britney Spears, & More Of Your Favorite Celebs Enjoy The Kentucky Derby?

Ah, the famouses are off to the races! Celebrities love to attend the Kentucky Derby, the "most exciting two minutes in sports," to see and be seen and wear the kookiest hats of all time. And also, to drink and maybe to pet some horsies! Honestly, it sounds like a pretty good time. This year we know that Chris Rock will be performing at the Derby and, here she comes, Miss America, Kira Kazantsev will also be there. If you are a plebe such as I, though, and can't jet-set to Louisville to attend the races in person, you can always watch on TV, make some fancy rich people cocktails, and pop on a fabulous wide-brimmed hat. What doesn't sound luxurious about that?

You can take some fashion cues from past attendees if you would like, but if you want to have a more unique Kentucky Derby experience, take a page out of your favorite celebrity's book. Even though they might not be attending, you just know the seven celebs listed below know how to celebrate in style. You don't even have to watch the Derby — I mean, you might as well, because it's only a two-minute race — but you can still partake in the festivities with some celeb inspiration.

Go Casual Like Britney Spears

Enjoy the race with some Cheetos and your cute family in pajamas. I would go to this party.

Go Baller Like Diddy

Go Diddy and wear all white. Have a champagne and cigar party for viewing in a dimly lit room that smells like mahogany.

Go Posh Like Benedict Cumberbatch


Do something unspeakably British. I bet you have a horse, right? And jodhpurs?

Skip It Like Kendall And Kylie

Skip it all and just go to the beach. You can still take the cocktails and the hats with you.

Go Low-key Like Drizzy Drake


Drake will probably watch alone with his mom and talk about how he feels like one of those horses, man. Just used by the hangers-on.

Go Chill Like Hannibal Buress

Somehow, Abbi and Ilana have tricked you into watching the Derby, probably projected on a screen on a roof. You bring a cake.

Go Fabulous Like Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Celebrate with the family in style with coordinating outfits. Buy North West a pony if you wish.

Hope this helps! Horses are actually really fun to watch, but I think what's important here is the booze and the hats. Hats should be a bigger part of life, in my opinion. Off the races, baby!