'The Crazy Ones' Star James Wolk Vs. a Puppy: Which is Cuter?

Alright, America — it's time for the ultimate battle for our ocular affections. Today's clash of the cutie titans: CBS' The Crazy Ones star James Wolk... versus a puppy. It's a question as old as time and one that often pits the heartthrobs of yore (a.k.a. usually Ryan Gosling) against the canine cavalcade of now. But after the artist formally known as Bob Benson went from Mad Men to Crazy One, it's easy to see how his might be The Next Great American Actor Obsession. Or at least giggle-fodder for ladies and gents who enjoy looking at charismatic handsomefolk. Because I mean, that face. Look at that face. GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT FACE, WOLKIE.

Wolk tweeted the photo of himself and said puppy on the set of The Crazy Ones today. The eyeball network's latest comedy from David E. Kelley was recently picked up for a full season order and it's been really good so far. Unfortunately the series' other stars — Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar — were nowhere to be found or else we'd also include them in this Battle Cuteale. To say nothing of Hamish Linklater, who could probably/definitely give Wolk and this puppy a run for their metaphorical money.

But Wolk is alone in this photographic position, so we have to ask: who's cuter: James Wolk or this puppy?

And the winner is: the cage! HA HA just kidding, nobody wins because my heart and my ovaries have conspired against me and now I'm simply a puddle of sappy human goo on the floor. In the words of Pete Campbell: NOT GREAT, BOB!

Image: James Wolk/Twitter