7 Comedy Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick, Aisha Tyler – what do these three comedians have in common? They were all down on their luck until suddenly podcasting relaunched their careers. Marc Maron's podcast, which consistently earned the top spot on the iTunes podcast chart, earned him so much media coverage and fans, that he landed his own show with IFC, Maron. Although Aisha Tyler had a role on Archer before her podcast, it was only after her cast that she was selected as the host of the Whose Line Is It Anyway reboot. Perhaps the biggest success story of all is Chris Hardwick. Before The Nerdist , he was a washed-up 90s comic whose biggest claim to fame was hosting Attack of the Show! on G4, and Singled Out on MTV. After The Nerdist? He's AMC's go-to host for all things Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, has his own media empire structured around nerd-themed podcasts and YouTube series, and he's the best-selling author of The Nerdist Way.

The moral of the story is that podcasts are hotbeds for comedy talent, and once the public takes notice, their hosts can achieve star status overnight. Right now, the podcast ecosystem is filled with talent, especially the comedy space, and we're here to direct you to the absolute best of the best.

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