10 Shower Sex Tips, Because Using A Shower Mat Could Save You A Trip To The Emergency Room


Aside from saving water, showering with your bae has some obvious steamy advantages. But doing the dirty while you're getting clean comes with a few sudsy, slippery challenges as well. Learning how to make shower sex better is essential, because your safety may depend on it. Unless you're into slippage and freezing your buns off.

On a more serious note, a recent study done in the U.K. actually found shower sex to be one of the most common ways that couples injure themselves during intercourse. And it makes perfect sense. It's small, slippery space, and water temperatures can go to extremes if you're not careful. Trying to do the deed while balancing on a chair also made the list.

In order to reap all of the wet hot benefits without having to make an impromptu trip to the ER, we asked shower sex enthusiasts to share their tips on proper execution. From where to stand in the shower to how to use the small space to your advantage (the wall is your friend), there are plenty of ways to make the shower the best hookup spot in the house. Read on for their expert advice.

1. Sam, 26

2. Taylor, 24

3. Robert, 52

4. Jennie

5. Curt, 32

6. James, 24

7. Kevin, 31

8. Kayla, 23

9. Mario, 32

10. Lisa, 24

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