Martha Stewart and Usher Are Awesome Celebrity BFFs — PIC

The details of why a picture of Usher nuzzling Martha Stewart's neck exists aren't important — the only thing that matters here is that the picture does, indeed, exist, and Martha Stewart posted it on Twitter for the entire world to see how magical their friendship is. Since my whole job is to bring you the full story because I'm a journalist, though, here it is: According to Stewart's blog, the photo op arose when she attended The Angel Ball earlier this week, which was being held at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC (which you may also recall as the establishment where a teenaged Jemima Kirke ordered a $40 bowl of soup with Lena Dunham, only to realize they didn't have any cash on them. Fun fact). Basically, it's an annual gala meant to raise funds for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, so a ton of celebrities were there — including Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, and Usher.

So, Stewart snapped a pic with Usher, then uploaded it to her blog with the cute little caption, "I got a kiss from Usher!!! And nuzzle from my favorite singer," followed by "Usher is sporting a new style hairdo for his upcoming role as boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard. I told him he looked very different from the last time I saw him, but quite good, none the less!"

How adorable is that? Seriously, I am imagining them as BFFs right now (or BFFs with benefits?!), and it's the greatest.

[Image via Twitter/MarthaStewart]