Who Designed Kate Middleton's Post-Baby Dress?

Hear ye, hear ye: the second royal baby cometh!!! After what has felt like an eternity of waiting, Kate Middleton gave birth to a little girl early on Saturday morning. Huzzah! The Duchess of Cambridge just made her first appearance following the arrival of her second child, and unsurprisingly, her dress was really good. Like really really good (As an aside, it should be illegal for someone to have that great of hair after going through labor, but I guess that's being a royal human for you). You may be wondering: who designed Kate Middleton's dress?

Middleton stepped out on Saturday at London's St Mary's hospital in a springy shift dress printed with yellow flowers. Jenny Packham reportedly designed the frock, and it betrays the wearable whimsy that we've come to know the designer for. Also, considering that we've seen Middleton in a few other dresses by the designer, it seems like she's one of the Duchess's mainstays.

In keeping with her signature style, she looked classic, elegant, and playful. But in this writer's humble opinion, the one thing this ensemble could've used was a crazy fascinator. It is, after all, Kentucky Derby weekend. Plus, we all know how much those Anglo royals love their flamboyant headgear. Then again, as another famous British person once sang: you can't always get what you want.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As far as what I can find on Google, it would seem that the dress is custom, and therefore can't be purchased. That is, unless, you have enough coin to commission Jenny Packham to design you a replica of it.

Image: Getty Images