So, There Is A Perk To Being A Bridesmaid

So anyone who has casually skirted around the TV phenomenon known as How I Met Your Mother may have heard of "The Sorority Girl Effect" or "The Bridesmaid Effect" — the idea that women in groups look hotter than women alone. There is, actually, a real study that confirms this, referring to it as "The Cheerleader Effect". The gist is that the faces of girls in a group tend to blend together and normalize out into looking more symmetrical than they usually do. So if looking good is as easy as finding a few friends to walk around with, what are some other easy-but-dubious ways to up your attractiveness?

1. Wear red

A University of Rochester study says it makes you more attractive. To be fair, another survey says it makes you dumber.

2. Wear heels

Psychologists from the University of Portsmouth theorize that high heels make you walk in an even more feminine fashion than you already do.

3. Pay for extraordinarily expensive tooth-whitening

A UK study says that white teeth are the human equivalent of a peacock's tail.

4. Make sure potential suitors like Bach

A Computers In Human Behavior study says that men find women in photos more attractive if classical music is playing.

5. Smile

A University of British Columbia study found that a happy expression was the most attractive facial set-up in females. The same study found that it was not the most attractive facial expression for men.