The Ultimate Crazy Kentucky Derby Hat Is Here

The Kentucky Derby is definitely in full force, and with it the outrageous fashion that the event is known for. Perhaps most notable of all are the crazy Kentucky Derby hats. I know this is what the Derby is all about (oh yeah, and horse racing), but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around some of the toppers I’m seeing. Why, people? Just — why?

If I had to place my vote for the craziest hat of the 2015 Kentucky Derby, I'd have to opt for this hat with a pink flamingo (which also happens to be wearing a hat) on it. The flamingo is sitting inside a wicker basket, and if that wasn’t enough, there are cherries literally all over it. And I mean all over it.

I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby, but I wonder if all of these crazy hats and fashion statements totally distract from the race. Is that the point, maybe? This woman with the cherries hanging in her face probably won’t be getting a great view of the horse action, but hey — she’s probably just there for the mint juleps anyways, right?

While I may not understand this truly bonkers hat choice, I can imagine a few things that would have inspired such a design. After all, this hat is more than just a hat! It's a work of art. A work of art that happens to remind me of a few non-hat related things.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Here are all the things this hat looks like, because it certainly doesn't look like a hat.

1. A Lawn Ornament

You know this is the first thing you thought of too.

2. A Game Of Hi-Ho Cherry-O

Anybody remember this game? The person responsible for creating this hat most certainly does. I'm guessing they played it a time or two.

3. A Farmer

All this gingham and straw has me thinking this is a farmer hat gone awry.

4. A Psychedelic Picnic

This is exactly what it would look like if Alice had gone to a picnic in Wonderland instead of to a tea party.

5. Gingham And Cherry Print Dresses From My Childhood

I definitely had one of these growing up. I'm guessing the lady in this hat did, too.

All of these things combined into one hat got me like:

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