20 Amy Poehler Quotes that Will Inspire Your 2014

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Amy Poehler is a wise woman. She is not just the current reigning Queen of Comedy (alongside Tina Fey, of course), but she is just, in general, a woman with a lot of really good advice to give about making your way through the world.

This year, 2013, has been a rough one in a lot of ways — we've had a continuing epidemic of mass shootings; multiple, very public cases of towns shunning rape victims; and partisan bickering escalating to the point of a literal shutdown of the United States government. From the political to the personal, we've experienced plenty of ups and downs.

We have no way of knowing what's to come in 2014, but what we do know is this: The show must go on. And if the show must go on (and yes, it must), we figure one way of ushering in the new year is by spending some time reveling in the sage advice/thoughts/what have you of a wise, talented, and funny woman. We're all gonna have to work to change the world (both the big one and our own personal world) in whatever ways we can, so let's turn to those who we're most inspired by.

Like, say, our favorite Queen of Comedy, Amy Poehler. Tell us, the artist also known as Leslie Knope, how should we navigate the world in 2014?

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