Guys Trying On Rompers Is Pretty Incredible

It's summertime and I, for one, am glad that I can literally not sweat it by stepping out in a breezy jumpsuit or romper — but have you ever wondered what would happen if dudes adopted the trend? That's precisely what BuzzFeed's "Guys Try Rompers For The First Time" video seeks to find out.

Whether you only own a single romper or feel that your onesies are cherished pieces of your wardrobe, you know that there are about a million good reasons to wear rompers all summer long. For starters, there's a certain freedom that comes with having to to be responsible for only one piece of clothing while you're living life, and the added ventilation doesn't hurt either. You can even rock an office-ready onesie.

But traditionally, do you know who hasn't been able to appreciate the value of a good romper? Most men. Thus why BuzzFeed decided to enlighten a few dudes to the trials and tribulations by getting grown men to wear a romper for the first time. And it's hilarious but also super relatable.

"I'm so nervous right now," said one guy. And I feel you, man. Buying a onesie can feel like a gamble — from being concerned about the length of its torso to how you actually get it on, figuring out which side is the front, and discovering how to actually pee in it, these dudes had most of the same concerns that you do while considering a onesie. The truest thing, though? How much like Beyoncé do you feel like? As one dude put it: "I wish the material was thicker and maybe made of leather? That way I'd look like Beyoncé. Right now I look like Taylor Swift trying to be Beyoncé."

Once the rompers were on, the verdict was unanimous: Rompers are the best. They have pockets, you feel like you can dance, they make you feel fancy, and like one man said, they're perfect for "all the mimosa brunches." Agreed, dude.

The best romper-related fashion advice these guys had to offer? "Women should wear what they feel. If this feels right on your body, [...]ladies do what you feel."

Images: BuzzFeedVideo/Youtube; Giphy