Beyonce Looks Gorgeous & Bored In A Red Jumpsuit

Just in case you were wondering what the Carters were up to last night: Beyonce and Jay Z went on a double date to the Mayweather fight with fellow couple friends Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. So precious, right?! Beyonce wore a fire-engine red jumpsuit to the Mayweather fight in Las Vegas on Saturday night, and (surprise, surprise) she looked stunning. Such is the relationship between Beyonce and clothing. She exists to make clothing look good. However, I'm guessing that she was team Pacquaio, because she looked decidedly nonplussed throughout the whole show. Nonetheless, her hair and general look remained strong.

Prior to the fight, Minaj posted a few obligatory beginning-of-the-night pictures to Instagram. In a turquoise Herve Leger dress, Minaj was clearly the friend who was more about taking in all the club mayhem of the strip. If Nicki was ready to rage, 'Yonce was the girl who wasn't trying to stay out too late. As her fancy red jumpsuit and matching red jacket seem to say, Bey was probably more interested in taking in a show, going out for a nice dinner, and retiring to her hotel room. She's not trying to have some drunk bro spill Patron on her red silk tonight.

Even during the fight, she was kinda over it.

Al Bello/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

What's on Bey's mind here? My guess is: going back to her suite, kicking off her heels, peeling off all that double-stick tape necessary for keeping her décolletage under control, and watching some television right about now. So much sin all in one city is EXHAUSTING.

Image: Nicki Minaj/ Instagram; Getty Images