How To Celebrate Mother's Day When Mom Is Your BFF

Mom deserves a lot of good things every day of the year, but especially when it comes time to celebrate Mother's Day. She's the one responsible for the awesome person you turned out to be, and she is worthy of serious pampering because she's your favorite person, as well as your true BFF. Sure, you've had excellent friends your age throughout your life, but nobody has really been there for you in every difficult situation you've endured, quite like your mom.

Mom has been your most trusted ally. She offers a shoulder to cry on when your heart is broken, she tells you it's going to be alright in the end (because she's right), and she offers to kick the butt of the person who shattered your ticker into a million pieces. Mom only ever wants to see you succeed and do whatever it takes to make you blissfully happy. Mom has suffered through the rebellious phases and experimental hairstyles and the terrible, awful boyfriends she knew would just be bad news. She's been through it all with you, and this is your chance to give a little back to the woman who loves you more than anyone. Here's everything you should do for Mom this Mother's Day when she's the best best friend you've ever had.

1. Get mani pedis

This is a BFF activity staple. Head to the salon and have multiple people beautify your limbs together. It's heaven.

2. Have a day filled with cocktails

You probably never felt comfortable enough to get drunk in the presence of your mother when you were younger. But now you're an adult, and you won't get grounded! So blend up some cocktails and sip together all day.

3. Watch your favorite movie

A movie that she introduced you to. A movie that you both love. A movie that you both know so well you can quote the entire thing.

4. Binge on Gilmore Girls

There has never been a show more appropriate for Mother's Day. The bond that Rory and Lorelai share is inspiring, adorable, and endlessly entertaining. You'll want to give mom a big ol' squeeze after just one episode.

5. Go shopping

Buy stuff for each other, and for yourselves. Do the whole played out shopping montage too. It's fun, AND you get bags of goodies.

6. Soak up the sun

Head to the local hotel outdoor pool, and bask in the beauty of the spring sun. Winter is over, and you can finally wear less than three layers of clothing. YAY.

7. Get much-needed mother-daughter massages

You both work hard and need some serious relaxation. And while Mom would probably love a gift certificate to a spa, she'll love it more if she has someone to go with. You both deserve this, so do it together and enjoy every minute of it.

8. Give her more than flowers

She will love anything you give her, but most of all, she'll love to see you or hear your voice for more than five minutes. The best part? Quality time spent with Mom costs zero dollars, and it's so much better than any freshly cut bouquet.

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