15 Russian Fashion Week Looks That'll Make You Want to Get on a Plane to Moscow

By Candace Bryan
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Thursday was the last day of Russian Fashion Week, and like Indian Fashion Week, it didn't get a lot of press in the West. But it's worth taking a look at: It was a beautiful affair with Russian designers displaying their collections and with many Russian fashion fans feverishly documenting their favorite shows on Instagram.

Unlike most fashion weeks, which tend to host designers from all over the world, Russian Fashion Week had almost exclusively Russian designers. Also, since most established designers from the country showcase their work at the more popular events in Paris and New York, most of the designers in Moscow last week were very young (as far as designers go). Nevertheless, their designs were innovative and impressive. Although Russia certainly doesn't have the same trendsetting style reputation as, say, Paris — most of us probably imagine fur, tracksuits, and figure-skater dresses — the clothes featured on the runways this week seem to suggest that Russia may have a future as a great world fashion power.

The best part of Fashion Week in Russia is probably its diversity. The clothes range from punk-inspired mohawks to outfits that look like they were stolen from Grace Kelly's closet. And, needless to say, they're all pretty fabulous. Here are the highlights.

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