Adorable Kid Memorized Entire Bruce Lee Scene

by Kat George

Do you want to see the cutest thing ever? Because you're about to. This little boy memorized an entire Bruce Lee scene, specifically the nunchaku scene from Game of Death, and it will kill you with how adorable it is. Wearing a mini-matching yellow jumpsuit with his back to the TV playing the movie, the 5-year-old super fan synchronizes every movement, word and sound with the iconic Lee scene. And he really commits to the role, not breaking character once and really putting some serious passion into his performance.

I suppose this is the reason people have kids these days: To make them do something amazing and upload it to YouTube so they can go viral. In this case, what is created is something absolutely glorious. Something that would seem lame and like a time waster if an adult had done the same becomes genius and face-meltingly cute. Which is the main difference between adults and children: When adults do something, it's sad, but when kids do it, it's adorable. This little dude looks like he could act out the scene in his sleep, which makes you wonder what kind of practice hours went into learning the routine, or if he's just some kind of Bruce Lee impersonating child prodigy.

Watch the whole amazing thing below:

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Images: YouTube