11 Reasons Taylor & Ed Are Our Friendship Goals

If you follow Taylor Swift on social media, you know she puts up adorable content on the regular. Her most recent post, featuring text messages between Swift and Ed Sheeran, is really just the icing on an adorable cake. I have a pretty high tolerance for cuteness, born of long-term exposure to photos of her cats Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson on Instagram, videos of her being the best kind of doofus, and the constant stories of how incredibly well she treats her fans, either by leaving long, complimentary responses on their own accounts, or sending them presents perfectly-tailored to their likes and dislikes just because she can and she wants to.

But, even with all that under my belt, Swift's most recent Instagram post was such a heavy hit of sweetness that I'm pretty sure my heart grew three sizes. If I don't make it through the day, it's because I overdosed on cute, and it's all Swift's fault. Or, rather, it's all Swift and Sheeran's friendship's fault, for being the greatest thing it has ever been my pleasure to witness. Obviously I knew that she and Sheeran were close, but seeing the easy intimacy of their texts to each other is an entirely different matter. Just look at this.

You GUYS! Celebrities, they're just like us! If you have a BFF, I'm gonna bet you a $100 that you talk to each other almost exactly the same way. And if you don't, I bet you want to, so let's take a lesson (or 11) from this dream team, and lay out just a few of the reasons why these two are our friendship goal. Sweeran4Ever!

She Makes Him Homemade Presents For No Reason At All

... and he loves them enough to share them with Instagram, Kanye West jokes and all.

They're Completely Un-Self-Conscious About Their Love For Each Other

The way he smiles and claps! I can't!

But There's Such A Lack Of Sexual Tension That They Set Each Other Up With Other People

That happened a bit in the past. She did the same for me, friends do that – they find friends you'll get on with. I've been in a relationship for a while now and she's, Taylor's in a relationship with her music!

He Trusts Her Completely

If he didn't, would he really let her do his makeup?

They Don't Sell Each Other Out

Even though Sheeran is best friends with both Swift and Harry Styles, he kept their relationship a secret until they were ready to talk about it publicly.

And They're A Package Deal When The Police Show Up At A Grammys After Party

No way is Swift gonna let Sheeran go to jail. NOT ON HER WATCH.

They Each Respect What's Important To The Other One

In Swift's case, cats. In Sheeran's case, his new album.

But Still Share Things In Common

Like a mutual love of Drake lyrics.

They Don't Mind Getting Sappy

Oh hello, all the feels.

...While Also Leaving Room For Some Healthy Competition

From an interview Ed did with Sydney Confidential:

My competition at the moment is probably somebody like Taylor. It's a healthy competition. She's someone to aspire to because she's one of the biggest touring acts and record-selling acts on the planet. That's where I want to be and I'll work up to that point.

But At The End Of The Day, It's All Support

And always will be!

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