Chloe Launches Fall Winter Collection With Adorable Instagram Video About Personal Style

Natural, sarcastic, curious, and indecisive are four unusual adjectives to describe one’s personal style, don't you think? On Monday morning, French fashion house Chloé teased the Fall/Winter 2015 collection by asking us to define our personal style, uploading a video to Instagram in which four models categorized themselves as one of the four. The video is captioned “Are you natural, sarcastic, curious, or indecisive?” leaving those of us watching to answer for ourselves.

I find these descriptions intriguing in terms of fashion. When it comes to attitude, I can define myself as any of these types of women depending on the day. When it comes to personal style, I like to change it up, but have my staples. The majority of the time I'm trendy, but comfortable. But how do we define our jeans, tops, dresses and skirts as natural, sarcastic, curious, and indecisive? Browsing through the fall-winter collection See by Chloé and considering the definition of each, I've got a pretty good idea of which girl is which, and what style each of you should get your hands on ASAP.

If you’re the natural gal , you find simplicity in the outfits you wear from day to day. You swear that fashion should come as easily as a breath. You've got your navy trousers and white button down blouse. You're Alex and Ani bracelets jingle down your wrists as you throw a messenger bag over your shoulder. You're good to go. You're casual, but no one can deny your knack for mastering any given trend.

If you'd consider the items in your closet to have an edge to them, you are probably among the sarcastic chic, whose fierce pieces scream a confidence that never backs down. What you wear is your style and you could careless whether people turn their heads in your direction. You’re what I like to consider “sharp,” with a bite to your boldness that leave many of us envious.

Curiosity killed the cat, but just like the feline, fashionistas have multiple lives that we live through our ensemble of choice each day. If you’re curious , experimenting with prints is basically your job; stripes, polka dots, bright neons and plaid — you’ll try anything once.

The indecisive breaks the rules. She experiments and not always for the sake of experimentation, but for comfort, for style, for what looks and feels good.

Images: See By Chloe (9)