7 Reasons Why Princess Leia Was A Badass

by Mary Grace Garis

It's hard being a Princess... just ask 3-day-old Charlotte Elizabeth Diana about that. Despite being literal royalty, it's tough to claim legitimate power... that is, unless you take charge of that power yourself. Leia Organa, the OG Star Wars heroine, is one princess who takes charge, and then some. So since today is the inevitable day of highly celebrated geekery and bad punning, May the Fourth, I think it's the perfect time to celebrate the dessert-haired rebel.

Like many young girls, my father and brother used the force to make me watch every single Star Wars movie. The most egregious offense is when I had to sit through the 2012 theatrical re-release of The Phantom Menace, but let's not relive that trauma. Whatever the case, I grew to love the series in my own way, particularly pledging alliance to the high-spirited and delightfully snappy Princess Leia. In a world filled with complacent and passive Disney princesses (and technically, Leia IS a Disney Princess now), it's refreshing to see a lady royal who is so thoroughly a badass.

So in honor of the day, here's 7 reasons why Princess Leia is the awesome princess that we should all aspire to be.

She Knows How To Disarm A Man With A Fierce Verbal Jab

OK, Luke has lightsaber skills and nobody can shoot quicker than Han, but Leia will absolutely DEMOLISH your self-esteem with a fiery insult targeting your biggest insecurities.

She Has Immaculate Hair Game

Oh, you're really proud that you mastered that elaborate YouTube tutorial on the fishtail braid? Child, please. In the midst of intergalactic wall and more than occasionally being imprisoned, Princess Leia forever had stellar hair. From the milkmaid look, to a single long plait, to the iconic cinnamon buns, her look was never bland or boring, and perfectly balanced out with monochrome white outfits. Everyone else can go home.

She Rebels Against Her Old Man Harder Than ANYONE

Truth be told, having Darth Vader as a father is kind of like having Space Hitler as a father. You know, he's a little harsher than the average dad. But she takes it in stride, becoming a spy for the rebel alliance and continuously resilient in the face of torture.

She Takes Out Those Who Demean Her With Little Hesitation

Sadly, like many princesses, Leia does a fair bit of damsel-in-distress-ing during original Star Wars trilogy, but that doesn't mean she can't take care of herself. Leia knows how to work a blaster, being an excellent shot, and let's not forget that she alone killed the skin-crawling space slug that is Jabba the Hutt. Okay, so taking down Jabba was a collaborative effort, but it's symbolically important that Leia gets to strangle him with his own chains, the very symbol of oppression. Just saying, dude forced her into a metal bikini, THAT can't be comfortable.

Her Feistiness Attracts The Other Biggest Badass In The Galaxy

We shouldn't value Leia solely for her romantic entrapment of Han, but it must be said, he is next-level hot. Like, I'd still jump on 72-year-old Harrison Ford today, just by virtue of him being Han Solo. And it isn't her sexy buns that attracts him, so much as it's the fire that comes from their verbal sparring. If Leia was nothing more than a beautiful, bland dishrag, it's very doubtful she'd be able to wrangle the smuggler.

She Is Exceptionally Accomplished At A Young Age

Merely the idea of being a Princess is enough for some girls, but not Leia. This HBIC wanted change in the galaxy, and she wanted it now. But you can't just expect change to happen while sitting idly on a throne. So she got involved in politics, and at 18-years-old became the youngest Imperial senator ever elected.

Meanwhile you're 24 and not sure if you're registered to vote. I mean...

And Most Importantly, She's Carrie Freakin' Fisher.

Leia may be a princess, but Carrie Fisher is a hilarious queen. All hail.

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