15 Moon Inspired Clothes, Accessories, And Beauty Products Perfect For Rocking Every Time There's A Full Moon

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Whether it's the throwback to the witchy style of The Craft that's sort of followed the craze of "all '90s everything" or whether it's a return to valuing handmade items and natural cycles, moon inspired fashion and beauty is a trend that refuses to let go — and that I refuse to let go of.

Learning about the cycles of the moon and being mindful of them has helped connect me back to nature and centered me during busy and stressful times. I know, I sound like a hippie, right? Enjoying these interstellar picks doesn't require you to believe in astrology and the effects of the planets and the moon, but it certainly helps.Last night, the moon was full in Taurus, which is said to bring a time of love and romance. Want to harness that energy into falling more in love with yourself or maybe finding a new cutie to kiss under the flower blossoms? Here are some moon-inspired items to remind you of your goals and help you along your way.

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