What Will Rihanna Wear to the 2015 MET Gala?

The 2015 Met Gala will take place Monday night and fashion’s finest will walk the red carpet while we watch in awe as we munch on popcorn in our Soffe shorts and old graphic tees. Amidst our building excitement, Twitter is already buzzing with predictions and leaks of who will wear what, but curious minds are left to wonder what will Rihanna wear to this year’s Met Gala? Judging from previous years, I have high hopes that whatever our girl RiRi wears, history will repeat itself, and the unveiling of her ensemble will be fantastic.

Take a browse through the singer’s Instagram. Rihanna is certainly feeling good about that steaming hot bod these days, providing us with a sneak peek at her V Magazine summer editorial, featuring a lot of RiRi and very little clothing. There is also little to no hesitation on her end to shed a little skin in low cut dresses, sporty crop tops, and skimpy bikinis as the spring weather brings the heat.

So now that we've gathered that Rihanna prefers a lack of coverage these days, I think it’s safe to say we can expect some kind of cleavage, droop back, slip up the leg... anything she can to be as comfortable as possible on the red carpet.

Rihanna uploaded a stream of throwbacks from Met Gala's past on Instagram Monday, and it's pretty much impossible not to notice there is only one outfit where she is completely covered. In the black and white tux-type number, perfected by leather pants and accessorized with gloves and bow tie, the only skin we can see of Rihanna's that wasn't on her face was a peek of her neck. I'm willing to bet she's moved on from that outfit of choice.

Also notice the lack of bling. Rihanna shines on her own and she prefers minimal embellishment. A choker necklace here, a few rings and studs there. The clothes speak for themselves, and that's no easy feat. But, that's Rihanna.

My prediction? We can most likely expect Rihanna to stun in either a long gown or floor-length skirt this year, taking into consideration that she's obviously down to show some skin and New York temperatures are on the rise. I'm hoping she'll finally let her hair down, though she usually rocks some sort of updo. The general consensus? The woman is bold and always beautiful. We're ready, Rihanna. Let's see that dress.