What Your Favorite Tanner Sister Says About You

When it comes to the men of Full House, picking which of the trio is your favorite Full House character is an easy task: everyone loves Uncle Jesse. Sure, Danny had his moments, and Joey could do some mean impressions, but with the gelled-hair, Elvis-loving, "have mercy"-saying Jesse in the mix, it's never even been a contest. Choosing Jesse Katsopolis as your favorite Full House guy says nothing about you as a person except that you have a thing for John Stamos, and let's be real — who doesn't?

The same can't be said for the Full House girls, however. Each of the three Tanner daughters has good and bad qualities, and none in the trio was more likable than the other. DJ was a goody-goody, but she had killer hair and a great BFF; Steph was annoying sometimes, but she had the best storylines (and comebacks); Michelle was a whiner, but boy, did she know her way around a plate of cookies. There's reason to support loving each one of the Tanner siblings — but what does your favorite child say about you?

Here's what it means if you love Michelle, Steph, or DJ the most:

If Your Favorite is Michelle...

You're the baby of your family, or at least you've been treated like you are. You're a bit selfish and greedy, in need of constant attention. You've also got a mischievous streak, and are always getting into trouble — mostly because you know no one can stay mad at you for long. Still, you're a loyal friend and close to your family, willing to help out anyone in need. As long as they bring you food.

If Your Favorite is Stephanie...

Despite being funny, talented, and smart, you constantly feel like you don't get the respect you deserve. Can't people acknowledge you for once, instead of everyone else? Honestly, sometimes it feels like you need to drive car through the house just to get their attention! When you're not fuming about being ignored, though, you're actually pretty happy with life: you've got a great support system, fun hobbies, a killer wardrobe, and you're not afraid to take some risks (even if they do tend to get you in trouble).

If Your Favorite is D.J...

You're a perfectionist and a bit of a goody two-shoes, although you'd never admit it — what's so bad about getting good grades and staying out of trouble? You're mature and responsible, but you're still able to appreciate a good joke and stir things up every once in awhile. Sometimes being the levelheaded one gets tiresome and you try to shake your image up, usually by dating a "bad" boy (it never lasts) or sneaking out (you always get caught). When it comes down to it, though, you're much more comfortable being the one people go to for advice and support, and what's wrong with that?

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