9 Reason Yolanda Is The BEST Real Housewife

Yolanda Foster is everything I aspire to be. She is so admirable and lovable on The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills that I just cannot help but adore her. Yolanda is such a unique presence in the Real Housewives universe. She pulls off this dichotomy of being insanely wealthy and privileged along with somehow being relatable and keeping it real. I'm not sure how she does it, but I can say with certainty that Yolanda Foster is actually the best Real Housewife. Yes, I know that sounds like a pretty lofty statement, but as a Real Housewives aficionado, I have plenty of reasons that justify my claim.

Foster has it locked down in all the important categories when it comes to being a Real Housewife: She lives in arguably the most famous United States zip code. She has a fabulous marriage with husband David Foster. She is stunningly beautiful and has great style to match. She is actually a nice person. She makes ton of funny comments. And she does it all with her great accent.

And that's not even all! Let me just get to it. Here are my reasons why Yolanda Foster is the best Real Housewife of all time.

The Fridge

I feel bad starting this off with chatter about an inanimate object instead of the woman herself, but Yolanda has the most amazing fridge. It is clean, insanely tall, completely see through, and perfectly organized. Plus, you can actually walk inside of it to get what you want. This fridge is just mesmerizing. And before you judge me for being weird, I am not the only one who feels this way. There is a "Yolanda's Fridge" Twitter account with over 15,000 followers. Yes, you read that right. A Real Housewife's refrigerator has more social media followers than you will ever have in your life. Even Lisa Rinna made a big deal over the fridge the first time she went to the Foster mansion by stepping inside and taking photos.

The Positive Attitude

Yolanda has been through her fair share of drama and issues in her life, and currently, she is battling Lyme Disease. She even lost her ability to read and write because of the disease. Throughout any problem she has encountered, Yolanda always maintains a positive outlook. She is an inspiration in so many ways and we should all try to adapt a great attitude like hers.

The Marriage

Yolanda is one of the few Real Housewives who is really a housewife, and Yolanda is actually really into David. I hate saying that because you would think that any husband and wife would love each other, but if you watch any of the Real Housewives series, the love is not always blatantly present. Yolanda and David are all over each other and super supportive of one another. I hate to be that girl, but "#RelationshipGoals" really applies here.

The Lemons

It's come to a point when I automatically think "Yolanda Foster" whenever I see or here about lemons. It might seem like the most random association to make, but no one has given the fruit more publicity than Yolanda has on RHOBH. Foster has over 50 lemon trees on her palatial estate. More often than not, she is picking lemons from her own backyard or talking about the benefits of incorporating lemons into your diet. She has said, "I just believe in the power of a lemon," and has advocated the use of lemons for cleaning, natural hair highlights, master cleanses, and skin treatments.

The Accent

Everything Yolanda has to say is just so much better because of her great Dutch accent. It gives her some authority when she's dishing out advice to her fellow housewives, and it's always so endearing when she gets confused by English words and idioms. It really just makes her quite the character in this television franchise.

The Resistance To Succumb To A "Dumb Blonde" Stereotype

Yolanda is glamorous, gorgeous, and well traveled, but she is not an airhead celebrity by any means. She is always making an effort to learn and better herself, and strays very far from the dumb blonde stereotypes that plague many of the Real Housewives. Yolanda takes pride in her education and refuses to be stereotyped because of her appearance.

The Lack Of Drama

Usually a "lack of drama" equates to "boring" in terms of Real Housewives cast members. These are the ladies who don't make it past one season or get downgraded from a "series regular" to a "recurring guest" before their episodes even air. Yolanda Foster is the exception here. She gets along with pretty much all of her cast members, and tries to be a peacemaker in a nonjudgmental way. She is fiercely loyal and always tries to look for the best in others. Watching Real Housewives, it is just so clear that Foster is a wonderful person and that is refreshing to watch amidst the ladies' typical antics.

The Relationship With Her Ex-Husband

Not only does Yolanda have a lack of drama with her Real Housewives costars, but she also gets along with her ex-husband. If you "know" Yolanda, this is not at all surprising. In fact, her ex husband Mohamed Hadid has appeared in plenty of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes as a guest at those infamous dinner parties. And it actually gets even more friendly than that. Mohamed is actually the one who hooked up Yolanda and David Foster. Wow. Talk about an amicable separation.

The Famous Circle Of Friends

Yolanda has made plenty of connections over the years and she's not shy about name dropping or inviting some famous celebs to her dinner parties on the show. For instance, Kate Hudson, Oprah Winfrey, Baby Face, Barbra Streisand, and Muhammad Ali were in attendance at her wedding ceremony. And that's a pretty big deal.

I could go on and on, but it's pretty clear that Yolanda Foster is the most unique and interesting out of all the Real Housewives in every city. And there is no doubt that she is definitely the best Real Housewife of them all.

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