Why Mom Deserves More Than Flowers On Mother's Day

Mom deserves the best, and on Mother's Day, that means something thoughtful and meaningful. Believe me, flowers on Mother's Day are nice, but can't you do a little better than the standard delivered bouquet? And doesn't she deserve more?

Your mom should really be the most important person in your life. Your friends are great and I'm sure if you're dating someone right now, they are a delight, but this woman BIRTHED. YOU. And even if you didn't grow inside her body and exit via a strenuous push, she took care of your childhood needs and sacrificed a whole lot to make sure you turned into the fabulous person you are today. You are strong, smart, and independent because she put you first in every situation, and supported you through every emotional up and down.

Mother's Day comes once a year, and even though you should really celebrate your mother every single day of the calendar, this is really when she should be treated like a queen. And it doesn't take a whole lot of planning or money to give her that. Here are all the reasons Mom deserves way more than the typical box of flowers on Mother's Day.

1. Because she's given you SO MUCH

Think about all the fashion phases you went in and out of as a teenager. Think about the hobbies you obsessed about for two weeks before moving on to something new. She supported you and provided for you through every single one of them. And she knew at the time how ridiculous you looked in those JNCOs.

2. Because flowers die

Flowers are beautiful, but quickly their beauty fades, and they croak. Shouldn't Mom get to enjoy her Mother's Day gift a little longer than a week?

3. Because they're predictable

So many people are sending flowers to their mothers for Mother's Day — do you really want to be just another person submitting a bouquet order? And paying extra to be certain they'll arrive on time? Nah.

4. Because she'd rather spend time with you

You could get her anything, and she'll still hope that part of that gift will be some quality time spent with you. If you don't live close enough to visit, make sure you've set aside some time to Skype.

5. Because there are better, more unique gift options

You could get her a spa day, or take her to brunch, or make her something with your DIY craft skills. Or maybe there's something she's always wanted, but could never justify buying for herself.

And even if you do decide to get her flowers, you can find some really cool and unique arrangements that will brighten her life a hundred times more than the standard vase full of colored roses. BloomNation has a massive selection of unique bouquets designed by their florists that will be freshly cut and delivered right to Mom. They'll brighten her smile and any room she puts them in.

Like these!

6. Because Mother's Day comes once a year

It's just one day a year, and as the child, you need to make it fun and unforgettable enough to get her through until next year. So make sure Mom is the queen of the day, because she's really the queen of your life.

Image: Shandi-lee Cox/Flickr; BloomNation (2); Giphy (6)