Are You “That Person” At Work? This Video From Fast Company Might Help You Figure It Out

We've all probably worked with someone we classify as “That Person” at some point in our careers — but how do you tell if you're “That Person” at work? Well, good news: Fast Company's latest office etiquette video will help you not only figure out whether you are “That Person,” as well as exactly which type of “That Person” you are. How thoughtful!

Why is it important to determine which kind of office personality you are? Because that's how you learn how to be a good coworker. Although being a good coworker may not have a direct correlation with how well you do your job (although in a lot of cases, it probably does), it's not actually about your job description or your official performance. It's about general courtesy, which can go a long way towards making your work environment a relatively pleasant place — both for you, and for everyone else who works there. Not only that, but it's cheap: Usually it's as simple as not saying something you probably shouldn't be saying anyway, or taking 30 seconds to add a “please” or a “thank you” somewhere in there.

So let's all use this moment to check ourselves, shall we? Are you any of the six workplace personality types seen below? Or one of the additional ones depicted in the full video? Be honest — and if you are, maybe try to start identifying when you deploy that sort of behavior. Once you've made note of it, it'll be easier to curb those impulses before you unleash them.

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1. The Gossip

Do you make everybody's business your business? And do you then like to make it everyone else's business, too? Then you're probably the office gossip, because OMG, you guys, can you believe Raquel went over her printer quota???

But let's not forget that indulging in workplace gossip is also a sign that you're a toxic coworker. Sooooo… maybe work on keeping your thoughts to yourself?

2. The Loud Talker

To be fair, I realize some loud talkers may not actually realize they speak that loudly. But at the same time, it's worth developing the self-awareness to know when you've raised your voice a little higher than an indoor setting warrants — especially if that indoor setting is your place of employment. Also, keep speaking phone usage to a minimum unless it's absolutely essential that everyone within a 10-foot radius can hear what you're talking about.

3. The One Who Never Says a Word Out Loud

This is probably where I fall… but then again, I work from home and my only communication with the office is via email, chat programs, and Google hangouts, so maybe it can be forgiven. The takeaway here? Text communique is great, but don't be afraid to speak up, too.

4. The One with No Filter

“I was reading something about Parkinson's the other day… that runs in your family, right?” is not exactly office-appropriate conversation — mostly because it delves into extremely personal territory that probably shouldn't be anyone's business except the person to whom it directly pertains.

5. Mr. or Ms. Corporate-Speak

Using proper terminology is one thing — but when all you're doing is throwing around every corporate buzzword you can think of, you're probably coming across as less knowledgeable than you think you are. Juuuuust sayin'.

6. The Touchy-Feely Boss

No. That is harassment. Do not do this, regardless as to whether you are a boss or not. Seriously.

Watch the full video here:

Images: Kompania Piwowarska/Flickr; Fast Company (6); Giphy