NBC's 'Sound of Music' Has Cast The Von Trapp Children, But We Still Feel Weird About It All

The knowledge that NBC is remaking The Sound of Music with Stephen Moyer and Carrie Underwood has plagued us for a while, but with recent news that the seven Von Trapp children have been cast, this adaptation has become very real for those of us who couldn't previously imagine Bill from True Blood singing alongside the chick who made "Jesus Take The Wheel" an actual thing. The kids are super cute, being little theatre children who made it through rigorous try outs throughout the nation to get the parts, and yet... it still feels wrong. How can a super wholesome and moral movie like The Sound of Music be so totally wrong?

Well, for one there's the aforementioned Bill and "Jesus Take the Wheel" situation. Sure, Stephen Moyer has garnered praise for his role in Chicago, so I'm more than willing to cede that he is potentially a talented stage actor, but Carrie Underwood? As a governess? Just no no no no no, you can cast all the cute theater babies in the world and that would still be extremely wrong. She is not even believable as Carrie Underwood, how on earth is she meant to replace Julie Andrews? In fact, can anyone even replace Julie Andrews? Ugh.

There's just something overly saccharine about a shiny new Sound of Music. Maybe saying this makes me sound like an old fogey, but The Sound of Music belongs in the '60s, when the movie was made originally. It's a classic movie, but the themes it represents are not in need of an update, especially not a big-name-bound schmaltz fest like what we have coming.

In order to "remake" something as timeless and famous as The Sound of Music, there needs to be new ground covered and at the risk of sounding like a snob, I'm not sure Carrie Underwood and crew have the salt to make this Sound of Music more meaningful than the original.

Image: NBC