7 Reasons Gwendoline Christie Is A Role Model Both On & Off The Screen

Late Monday night, Vanity fair revealed Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens , and all was right with the word. Having been dubbed a "Chrometrooper" by the blogosphere, she looks positively radiant and fearsome as the new character from a galaxy far, far away. She's the perfect specimen for the role. Since breaking out in HBO's Game of Thrones as the fan favorite badass of Westeros, Brienne of Tarth, Christie has since worked her quirky personality and long limbs to become an in-demand acting force.

In addition to the new Star Wars movie, she'll play Commander Lyme in The Hunger Games: Mockingly - Part 2 , hitting theaters later this year on November 20. This can only be the beginning of incredible things to come. While having a hand in three major sci-fi/fantasy franchises is nothing to sneeze at in the first place, she's also an incredible role model for women and young girls. She knows she's different from other actresses, but it's her own unique qualities that make all of us want to latch on to her star.

In anticipation of everything she's in, whether that's Game of Thrones or Star Wars, get to know one of the coolest gals in Hollywood.

1. She's A Beast In Battle

....with her roles, I mean. Though I'm not going to place bets against her in real life. She is accustomed to playing forceful characters, like Brienne, Lyme and Captain Phasma. When Brienne unsheathes her sword, it's game over.

2. She Has Great Style


You do not want to be the one standing next to her on the red carpet, because she will turn it out! Capes, dresses, silk, cotton. These are all her playthings with which to bedazzle us.

3. She Flaunts Her Stature Like A Pro

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We are all beneath Christie. She towers over the world like the goddess that she is. Perhaps one day we can all be on her level... with the proper heels, of course.

4. She Has A Contagious Laugh

Have you ever seen or heard Christie laugh? It's a priceless moment. She finds humor in the most unexpected places, and I can't help but to laugh along with her.

5. She's Easy To Talk To

Every moment with the press is another opportunity to experience Christie's delightful personality. She doesn't showboat or talk herself up. I imagine the experience is like gabbing with your best friend about Game of Thrones.

6. She's All About Girl Power

Brienne is the ultimate symbol for girl power in Game of Thrones. Don't even think about calling her "Lady Brienne." She can best even The Hound and Jamie Lannister (back when he had both hands) in a sword fight. There's nothing she can't do, and good luck to any man who tells her otherwise. Now all we need is for her and Arya to team up.

7. She's Just So Adorable

When Blue Ivy started dancing to Beyoncé's song at the Grammys way back when, I thought to myself, "When Blue Ivy dances, we all dance." The same goes for Christie. When she smiles, we all smile back.

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