13 Photos That Prove You Can Wear Lipstick In Every Color Of The Rainbow (Plus Where You Can Buy 'Em)

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If there's one thing I hate, it's being told that I can't wear something. While this usually applies to what you put on your body, some think these so-called rules apply to your face, too, and argue that you can't wear lipstick in every color of the rainbow.

As someone who wears mostly either uber bright or super dark non-traditional lipsticks that you probably won't find at the drug store, I can tell you that when I wear these shades, it has made people uncomfortable. But this discomfort is just an indication that I am challenging some made up beauty standard and that's just an added bonus to following my personal lipstick bliss.

I bought my first non-traditional lipstick shade in 2012 when I discovered the brand, Ka'oir. I had been lusting for a baby blue or a frosty silver á la Chili from TLC in the "Creep" video for months. Once I found Ka'oir, I fulfilled one of those dreams with the shade "Baby Bleu." I got A LOT of stares once I started wearing it and one too many old dudes thinking they were the first person to make a joke about me being so cold that my lips turned blue. But just like wearing subtle coral lipstick feels right to some people, the baby blue felt right to me and I soon added more colorful shades to my collection.

Even after three years of wearing lipstick in every shade of the rainbow, some people still try to tell me that certain colors don't belong on my lips. So I decided to enlist two of my friends, Shauntae and Mary-Morgan to help disprove the haters. Mary-Morgan is a makeup artist so she did both of their makeup, applied the lipsticks, and supplied a few of the shades we featured.

When you shop for lipstick online, the swatches are often either showed only as digital reproductions or on one skin tone, so I picked Mary-Morgan and Shauntae because not only are they both babes but they also have different skin tones and face shapes. I took their photos in 13 different lipstick shades from red all the way to black to show that lipstick is not a privilege for a select few; lipstick, in every color under the sun, is for everyone.

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