7 Times 'Mad Men' Stars Jon Hamm & Elizabeth Moss Were Super Cute In Real Life

There's something about the relationship between Don Draper and Peggy Olson on Mad Men that I can't get enough of. I know I'm not alone in that sentiment, as it seems like any scene that shows these two characters engaging in prolonged, meaningful interaction starts a domino effect of exploding hearts on Twitter. Lucky for all of us Don/Peggy friendship fans, Mad Men actors/super-buddies Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss have plenty of cute moments on the reg.

Sadly, the legendary series responsible for Hamm and Moss hanging out is coming to a close. I know, guys. It's a lot to handle. I'm figuring that there's no way to emotionally prepare for the Mad Men series finale which airs Sunday, May 17. We'll all just have to tune in, savor the final hour, and allow ourselves time to grieve.

As you may have guessed, one of the things that I'll miss most is the Don/Peggy dynamic. At times, it's infuriating. But in other cases, it's gratifying, sweet, and life-affirming. After all, you don't work with someone for ten years, in the case of Peggy and Don, and eight years, in the case of Moss and Hamm, without developing a bit of a special rapport with them. To fill the gaping Peggy and Don-sized hole that the Mad Men series finale will leave in your life, here are seven of Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm's sweetest moments.

This Moment Of Extreme Tenderness


When The Extreme Tenderness Became Silly

Things were getting a bit too chummy in here...

That Time They Wore Matching Incognito Celebrity Gear

"Jon, I'm pretty sure nobody recognizes us," said Elisabeth. "YEP! The plan totally worked..." Said Jon, fist-bumping Elisabeth.

That Time She Suggested Something Crazy & He Was Like, "Aight..."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm imagining her proposing a plan to steal the fancy chocolate fountain at this upscale banquet. He was like "Moss, this isn't one of your better hair-brained schemes..."

When They Were Taking A Solo Photo...


And all of a sudden, Robert Redford was there.



That Time They Shared A Hammock

Just your everyday, normal, platonic hammock hang.

The Time They Waltzed & Looked All Coupley

This could be us, but you playin'.

Don & Peggz supreme mentorship 4evz!

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