Toms Is Giving Away Shoes Using Instagram

For exactly nine years (as of today), Toms has been giving shoes to people in need. In order to celebrate, Toms is running an Instagram campaign where every photo of bare feet with the caption #withoutshoes sends a pair of shoes to a needy child. No purchase necessary on your end. This really puts the social in social responsibility, am I right?

This is just another way that Toms is aiming to shoe the shoeless. The company is planning to donate 1 million shoes with the help of Instagrammers everywhere. The social media promo ends on May 21, or as soon as the company has met it’s goal.

Thanks to social media, Toms has power to do good like never before.

“To scale something like this in order to help more people is an incredible opportunity, and one that couldn't have happened just a few years ago. Social media is what makes Toms possible,” says Toms founder Blake Mycoskie in an interview with USA Today. “Spreading the word between people who care is so easy now.”

So, put your Instagramming to good use and show you care before May 21! Help Toms reach their goal, all by doing what you do best. Being charitable never came so easy or felt so good, you know? I mean, combining shoes and Instagram — what could be better?