Justin Biebers Calls Selena Gomez "Gorgeous" In A Way So Bieber-y, It's Physically Painful — VIDEO

Pinch yourself, because you may be having a serious bout of déjà vu — and not the cool kind. While the Met Gala is a high class event for some, for others, like Justin Bieber, it's an opportunity to try and half-heartedly reel your ex back into your life. According to The Mirror, Justin Bieber is apparently trying to woo Selena Gomez once again. If you're thinking to yourself, no, he couldn't possibly be doing that again, The Mirror has actually provided video footage of the event, effectively putting their money where their mouth is.

The publication explains that,

In an ultra-cringe moment as Justin pulled away from the venue, Beliebers clambered to get a selfie with him and he called out "Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball." He even cupped his mouth so that EVERYONE could hear.

I gave an eye roll, you gave an eye roll, I am certain we are all giving eye rolls. But, the thing that really matters here isn't our reactions to the Biebs and his cat call. It's Gomez's response, or lack thereof, that counts. Here are some appropriate reactions she could give in response to that attention getting, drive by declaration.

The "How about never?"

*Girl with her arms crossed emoji*

The Concise Letdown

Right to the point.

The "Good for you!"

Probably the most politically correct rejection.

The "I can't believe this is happening"


The Talk Show Vindication

*Maniacal laughter*

The "Actions speak louder than words"

That's pretty much how we all feel.

The "Don't even try it"


The "Living well is the best revenge"

That mantra has been repeated ad nauseam for a reason.

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