Blake Lively Designs A Top That Truly Is Perfect

Blake Lively kills it when it comes to, well, everything, but I’m talking specifically floral patterns here, people. Blake Lively designed a floral top, and I want it, now. Florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking, as The Devil Wears Prada taught us all, but Lively's creation would have you believing that they are. I already couldn’t get over the floral jeans she recently wore, but now this. I’ve died and gone to spring floral heaven.

Partnering with designer Lindsey Thornburg, The Age of Adaline actress co-designed a rose-patterned button-up blouse that’s begging to be tied in a knot and worn with a great pair of jeans. Or even better — the skirt in a matching print. Because you can never have too many flowers, am I right?

So where can you buy this first-ever Blake Lively original? Look no further than her Preserve blog, of course. But, as you might have guessed, this ensemble doesn’t come cheap. The top will run you $355 and the skirt is available for $295. Why Blake Lively, why? How I wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg to sport a Serena van der Woodson-approved design.

If you can afford it, both the top and skirt are available to shop now. And if you buy one or both of them, I just have one request— get one of each for me, too!