The 'Inside Amy Schumer' Men Don't Get Dildos

Dear, 12 angry men who were called upon by our great nation to decide if Amy Schumer was hot enough to be on TV: You guys are funny. Your cluelessness really gave me a good chuckle. In the meantime, you solidified what I already knew... Amy Schumer is a rockstar. On "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer" a dildo is brought into evidence during a very heated debate of if Amy Schumer is "bang-able" (and hot enough have her own TV show) by 12 middle-aged men. According Paul Giamatti's character, a woman (Amy) wouldn't need a dildo if she were "f—kable," which is obviously wildly wrong, and boy, does Amy make that known.

While Amy Schumer is on trial for not being hot enough for TV, a piece of evidence was discovered that was used to prove to the jury that Amy was in fact not hot enough for TV. A dildo was found in her green room, placed into evidence, and brought into the jury room while the men decided if Amy was allowed to keep her TV show or be executed (kind of dramatic, I know). In hopes of proving to the men who do think Amy is "bang-able," Paul Giamatti's character presents the dildo to the jurors as evidence that "no one will pork" Amy.

HA. HA. HA. Oh, P.G., you're like a martian. That's not how things work, my man.

Inside Amy Schumer has always been amazing at making bold statements through satirical comedy, but this one might be my favorite yet. The idea of highlighting such a blatantly incorrect and sexist concept gets such a big "YAS QUEEN" from me, and also makes me want to crawl through my TV screen and smack Paul Giamatti's character in the face with the dildo.

The scene doesn't end with Paul Giamatti's character selling the idea that women with dildos are sex-deprived. John Hawkes' character — the first man to vote "yes," Amy was hot enough for TV — pulls out the same dildo that belongs to his wife (but they use it together). It not only puts Paul Giamatti's character in his place (I liked you more as God in Season 2, Paul) but also normalizes the idea of owning a dildo, and quickly ends the unnecessary shaming of dildo owning women that we were getting thrown at us by some of the other jurors.

The best part of the episode, though? When Amy learns she's "hot enough for basic cable television," she runs towards the court room. Not because she wants to thank the 12 angry jurors, but because girlfriend wants to retrieve her dildo. You go, girl!

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