Taylor Swift '1989' Tour Costumes Are Perfection, Be A "Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream" In These Lookalike Pieces

If you need something to fill that "Blank Space" in your fashion-obsessed mind after the Met Gala, the pics of Taylor Swift's costumes from her 1989 World Tour have got you covered. Swift kicked off the tour Monday night in Tokyo, and her wardrobe game was just as flawless as her killer vocals.

With her trademark, chic high-waisted shorts, some serious thigh-high boots, a purple lamé skirt, a bedazzled bodysuit that looks right out of Britney Spears' "Toxic" music video, and a freakin' light-up baby pink crop top and matching flare skirt, T. Swift worked the Tokyo stage as only T. Swift can. Her perfect, seemingly effortless mix between fantasy pop star and approachable girl-next-store has set the world's hearts aflame, and these tour looks are no exception. Seriously, her wardrobe stylist totally killed it with this one. I'm actually considering shelling out the moolah for a World Tour ticket just for the costume changes. Kidding — kind of.

Even though Taylor's outfit lineup could never trump her 1989 track lineup, you gotta admit that you're dying to see some of those pieces in your closet. Check out these lookalike pieces below and combine them to make the perfect outfit to "Shake It Off" in at the T. Swift concert (or in front of your bedroom mirror).

1. The Thigh-High Boots and White, High-Waisted Ensemble

For a look that's dipping with sex appeal, pair some over-the-knee black suede boots (like Stewart Weitzman's "Highland Boot" or the more affordable Joie pair from Nordstrom Rack) with a matching snow white crop top and high-waisted shorts combo, like this baby from Rotita.

2. Taylor's "Shake It Off" Dress

For this number, Swift donned a flouncy, flapper-inspired outfit for ultimate shake-abliity. HighQualityBuy.com offers a similar piece that you can really get moving in.

3. The Light-Up Show Stopper

While I couldn't exactly find a battery-powered ensemble exactly like Swift's, this matching coral crop top and skater skirt from Lulu is just as adorable.

4. Swift's Sexy Glitter Bodysuit

While going out in a nude bedazzled bodysuit is only for the brave at heart, try this Revolve Clothing minidress spin on the shiny, sexy look.

5. The Playful Lamé Purple Skirt

One of Taylor's most fun looks from the show includes a pop of purple and a shot of metallic purple. Check out this tighter silhouette with a similar print.

6. Taylor's Itty Bitty Lace Mini

Swift killed it in a lacy white minidress that showed off her legs-for-days. Copycat her confidence-inducing look with this white lace halter from Choies.com

Images: Getty Images, tswiftla/Twitter, holyground13/Instagram, wearexjapanaiko/Instagram (2), alltswift13/Instagram (3), Courtesy Brands