Justin Bieber Flicks Leonardo DiCaprio's Man Bun & Loves Every Single Minute Of It — VIDEO

In what is the most interesting and fabulous piece of news you'll read about all week, Justin Bieber flicked Leonardo DiCaprio's man bun at Rihanna's Met Gala after party. No, that is not some weird joke. No, it's not the premise of Bieber's new music video. No, it's not the plot behind DiCaprio's upcoming movie that would probably get him nominated for, but not win him an Oscar. Beiber actually flicked DiCaprio's man bun and we can thank rapper Tyga for sharing it with the world via Snapchat.

As you can see in the glorious video below, Tyga and Bieber are jamming to Chedda Da Connect's "Flicka Da Wrist." They are really into the song and can't stop dancing to it. As for DiCaprio, he'd rather spend his time chatting with a mysterious woman. Is it DiCaprio's once rumored girlfriend Rihanna? It doesn't appear to be, but seeing as he attended her Met Gala after party, does that mean there is romance in the air? There's a possibility, but I'm not here to chat about RiCaprio.

Rather, I'm here to discuss Bieber's dance moves that involve literally flicking DiCaprio's man bun, while singing the words "flicka da wrist." As you probably can imagine, Bieber is loving every minute of it too. He is having the time of his life. What about DiCaprio? Does he get annoyed? It doesn't seem like it, but it looks like he turns his head towards Bieber after feeling the flicking of his man bun. DiCaprio's face is hidden, but I'm sure he was thinking, "What the hell is going on?"

Have you ever seen Bieber look so happy? Just look at that huge smile across his face. I'm pretty sure the 2015 Met Gala, aka the time he flicked DiCaprio's man bun, just made Bieber's best moments.