What To Wear To See Fall Out Boy This Summer

If there are two things I can say about Fall Out Boy, it's that they write songs that are catchier than a cold on a packed subway car and that they are stylish pop-rock dudes. Hell, bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz can pretty much be held responsible for the "guy liner" trend of the '00s. Now's the time to decide what to wear to a Fall Out Boy concert, because FOB is back firing on all pistons this summer — and you're gonna want to carefully plan your outfit.

That's what I'm here for. Since Fall Out Boy's music has a slightly dark cast, you should expect to factor a lot of black into your ensemble. Sooty eyes are also a must. I highly recommended taking direct influence from Wentz's style, or perhaps wearing a jaunty cap like the ones Patrick Stump is so fond of. Oh, and FOB is touring with rapper Wiz Khalifa, so you could work a little black and yellow into your ensemble as well.

These five outfits are Fall Out Boy concert-approved, without looking like a Hot Topic exploded all over you.

1. Rocker Chick Chic

You have to show your punk roots with a fitted Green Day tee, paired with black leather leggings, black sandals, black nail lacquer, and liquid liner — the inkier, the better.

2. Glam Rock

You don't have to go completely grunge just because it's a concert. Gray skinnies paired with a cropped top, masculine moto boots, and a statement bag lead to a seamless mix of tough and sexy. A chubby kajal liner is also a must.

3. Naughtical

I totally cribbed this look from something I saw Kylie Jenner wear. A skintight, striped dress topped with a cropped leather jacket and paired with chunky platforms and a glossed, cherry lip needs only massive silver hoops and a multi-finger ring for a "naughtical" look.

4. Gilded Goddess

Your classic summer uniform of cutoff jean shorts and a hoodie, which gets an uptick thanks to Miss Monroe's face, gets an added dose of golden glam from bracelets, sandals, and shimmer lotion for your legs.

5. Sailor Chic

You don't need to go out and get a sleeve of tats like Wentz or drummer Andy Hurley, but you can rock sailor chick chic with this tank dress, some fun accessories, nerdy specs, and some bright pink lip gloss.

Now that you're set with outfit inspo, go out and dance, dance the night away.

Images: Polyvore (5)