This Graph Perfectly Describes Sandy Cohen

If you were a teenager between the years 2003 and 2007, I'd be willing to wager three Death Cab for Cutie CDs, a pair of platform foam flip flops, a toy horse, and an argyle sweater that one of your favorite TV dads of all time is The O.C. 's Sandy Cohen. And I totally get it. Right there with you. The patriarch of the primetime teen soap isn't just one of the greatest TV dads of all time; he happens to be one greatest television characters to ever grace the small screen.

Husband to Kirsten Cohen, biological dad to Seth Cohen, and adoptive dad to Ryan Atwood, Sanford Cohen is the rock of the family — a dependable, loyal, wise, bagel-loving rock with a terrific pair of eyebrows. Whether he's explaining the birds and the bees to Seth, serenading Bait Shop patrons, showing Marissa Cooper how to properly prepare a bagel, imparting relationship advice, or, you know, inviting a stranger in need to stay at his house, Sandy proves time and time again that he is indeed the best. (Same can be said about Kirsten, his other half. Man, what a dream couple. They were #relationshipgoals before hashtags were a thing.)

What is it about Sandy that makes him so next-level? What is the magic recipe that yields such a perfect result? What makes up a Sandy Cohen? Here is the definitive breakdown:

Image: Fox; Dawn Foster/Bustle