21 Ways To Stack Your Rings

by Marisa Dalpiaz

Layering is no longer just for your clothes, because stackable rings is the latest trend to hit the jewelry game. For those of you who have already tried the latest accessory style, you've probably wondered how you can stack your rings without going overboard. While it may take some playing around with (and lots of visual inspiration), it's a simple trend that can elevate your outfit in an instant.

There are a few ways to accomplish this look of the moment. The key to achieving this finger feat is to keep your assortment cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. Those who do this trend right usually seek out thin, delicate rings to keep the stack from being too busy (although, I have also seen people wear three ornate rings, one on each finger, as another way of pulling off the new trend). A good rule to remember is that less is more. One ring on one finger might be all you need. You can also wear one midi ring and stack rings on another finger or just wear a thumb ring on one hand.

If you decide on a metal, whether it be gold, rose gold, or silver, it will help to keep your look cohesive. Buying a few rings by the same designer or brand will also help to keep your look together. Additionally, playing with texture or shape in your assortment will help keep it from being too boring or plain. You can also mix your metals and try to find a color combination that flatters your skin tone.

Still confused? Worry not. Here are 21 stackable ring combinations that you should look to for inspiration.


No one does stacked rings better than catbird.


Stacking on one finger is a great way to keep your look simple.


Thin bands are a great way to keep your jewelry game from going overboard.


A lesson in the art of mixing and stacking.


Keeping the stones all one color is a great way to make your look cohesive.


Rings stacked on your peace sign fingers? Perfection.


A chunky thumb ring is a great way to offset tiny, thin bands.


Minimalism at its finest.


Nothing accentuates a sparkly mani better than some stacked rings.


What a gorgeous collection of stackable rings!


Who says you can't mix different textures in your ring game?


Simple. Sweet. Love.


Add a flash tattoo for another stylish element.


The California casual stackable rings look.


Keep in mind that your bracelets can add a good amount of bling to your look.


Don't be afraid to mix metals and stones.


If you stick to one kind of metal, you might be able to get away with more stackable rings.


Pretty pearl perfection.


I love how the ring graphics match, but not in a matchy-matchy kind of way.


Matching your nail polish to your stackable rings? Fab.


This set is simple, but perfect.

Images: SongOfStyle/Instagram